Ways to Distress and Be More Positive!

I was so excited to start 2017 in a positive way but right when I started, stressful things came to me so easily and I wasn't even able to think right and positive. Now, I have considered to distress a bit with nature instead of being on my phone the whole day and everything just felt so right and fresh. I'd take long chats with a friend, have a cup of tea and watch the sun set any day if that's what makes me feel happy and free. So I am sharing some great motivational ways for you to get along with positivity!

1.) We all know we can distress a bit by downloading ocean sounds on your phone but nothing can ever top going to an actual beach, right? I think it's just fresher and more relaxing than just hearing the sounds of waves on your phone. The beach totally saved me from stress and I think it's the best way to forget about what's keeping you away from positivity.

2.) I love it when my friends and I become more chatty and just talk about life related things so I believe this one keeps me going for being positively active everyday. I become more expressive and relieved when I talk to my friends.

3.) Have yourself a mini road trip if you wanna take the time. Go somewhere you've never been before or somewhere that's best to have an alone time. I think dragging yourself outta bed or the internet makes it a step better in becoming a positive person.

Thank you Keith & Family for setting such a fun trip! Always have the loveliest time when I am with them. Thank you for all the LOLs and positivity you share with me and everyone. Love y'all!

Most of the photos were taken by the ever so talented, Keith Bueno or she watermarks her photography works as "Cat's Eye Photography"

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  1. The shots for this blog post are so extra!!! Super great photography, I love it! Great job to your friend Keith! ��

    1. Tattak lang nabasa detoy nga comment mo haha. Thanks!