A Memory Filled With Tears

August 6, 2016
was the toughest and saddest day of my life. My mom lost her battle with cancer. It was an unacceptable truth not just only to me but to a lot of people who she connected her heart with. It was a day I still can't stop remembering and crying about.

The moment I feared the most, was the moment that happened too soon. I remember I would always tell you to lift up your fighting spirit and never give up and you would always put your thumbs up. I also remember every time I say I love you to you, you would respond with your hands heart shaped and I would always do the same.

Our time together was very short and not enough. And oh how I wish we could've had more moments to cherish together. Our hopes and dreams, I wish we could've done.

August 22, 2016
the day you moved a litte further away from us. This is the date of your funeral. Stared at your beautiful and angelic face for the remaining time. Saying our final prayers before closing your coffin.

So that has been a part of my journey in life. The toughest times I ever went through. And so many more the past couple of years. But now I think is the time, our Lord God wanted me and my family to rest and most especially, the woman who risked it all, my mommy.
You're finally resting, mommy. After the days you had to live life in the worst condition. You're happier, and free as a bird. There's nothing more I ask than you being happy and peaceful. God has prepared a wonderful place for you up there. In His kingdom, I know you are better.

Mommy, thank you for being a wonderful teacher, a thoughtful friend, a loving relative, and my MOM.
Rest in God's peaceful kingdom. In God's perfect time, I will be walking with you again. I love you mommy!

“The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want.”

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