Bed Makeover!

The past few weeks I've been really busy and concentrated with school activities that I never had the chance to make enough blog posts. Thank God it's already the weekend so I can finally share a little part of my room makeover that I've been so excited about.

So the bed was that one thing in my room that I wanted to decorate more because it was so plain and boring. I focused more on bed decors like pillows and blankets and all of those stuff. These pillows you might already have seen in my previous blog post and since I love them SOOO much my goal is to buy a lot more (uh-oh) pillows with cute patterns!

My tapestry just recently came from the mail and let me just tell you how in love I am with this! I finally found the perfect tapestry that goes so well with my bed and I'm so happy to have it.

I also just recently watched MyLifeasEva's apartment tour onYoutube and I really loved how she formed her fairy lights into a triangular form on her wall inside her room so I was pretty much inspired to recreate that. I loved how this one turned out and it looks so much more interesting now. I also hung my hat on the wall which is a great way to organize hats and decorate plain spaces.

And this is how it turned out!

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